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Service Level Terms

Stere Platform support services and maintenance terms

Last modified: April 18, 2021

These Support Services and Maintenance Terms (“Support Terms”) form part of the Stere Subscription Terms (“Subscription Terms”) by and between Stere and Customer.


These Support Terms are effective beginning on and will remain in effect until the termination of the Subscription Terms.

The parties intend to review these Support Terms on either party’s reasonable request. Any revisions to the Support Terms must be authorized by both parties.

Capitalized terms used but not defined in these Support Terms have the meanings given in Subscription Terms.

Service Scope. These Support Terms cover the following Services:
Providing reinsurance, insurance and related software solutions that help facilitate: the structuring and visualization of reinsurance and insurance placements; the transmission of reinsurance or insurance submissions to market; and the management of reinsurance or insurance placements.

These Support Terms do not cover the following:
use of the Services not in accordance with the Subscription Terms or interoperability with third-party software
hardware or network support or maintenance or support or maintenance for any third-party software or data
installation or training on optional items or hardware
installation of third party software
onsite technical support other than as provided for herein
the sale, solicitation or negotiation of insurance or reinsurance
the discussion of specific terms of insurance or reinsurance
the collection of transmission of any insurance or reinsurance premium

Customer Obligations. Customer’s responsibilities and obligations in support of these Support Terms include the following:
Providing information as required by the Stere for performing the Services.
Adhering to policies and processes established by the Stere for reporting service failures and incidents and prioritizing service requests.
Making a representative available for resolving service-related incidents or requests.
Paying fees and costs as required by the Subscription Terms.

Stere Obligations. Stere’s responsibilities and obligations in support of these Support Terms include:
Meeting applicable performance levels as detailed in this agreement, e.g. response time objectives.
Making a representative available to resolve incidents or requests.

Assumptions. Stere’s performance of the Services under these Support Terms is subject to the following assumptions:
Information provided by Customer to Stere as required for the Services will be accurate and timely.
Stere’s procedures and delivery of Services may be affected by changes in relevant Customer internal policies or applicable laws.
Stere is not engaging in any services as a, or typical of, an insurance or reinsurance company, agent, broker, producer, intermediary or similarly licensed party.

Service Level Availability.
Stere shall make the Services available for Customer for at least ninety-nine and one half percent (99.5%) of the time (determined monthly on a calendar basis), seven (7) days a week, twenty-four (24) hours per day, not including any unavailability that (i) results from maintenance of the Services communicated in advance or (ii) results from the poor performance or of failure of, internet service or other outside service, software or equipment not within Stere’s control (“Service Level Availability”).

Response Times. Stere will use commercially reasonable efforts to meet the response times shown in the table below. Determination of severity levels are within Stere’s sole discretion.

Classification and Resolution
Triage the alert. Alerts are categorized in three levels:
Critical – if an issue could cause customer data to be lost or corrupted and key functionality is unavailable the issue is classified as critical and needs resolution immediately. Critical fixes must be prioritized above other work and a patch will be released ASAP. Interrupt anyone who needs to be involved and get the team fixing it. Prioritize mitigation work if an immediate fix is not available. Workarounds that are identified will be communicated to customers if available as described in the Notification section below.
Serious – Issues that impact key functionality of the application or will affect a majority of users are serious issues. The resolution for these issues will be added to the existing sprint work as a high priority to fix and release as part of the normal ongoing sprint work while also meeting MSLAs with customers. Workarounds will be communicated to customers if available as described in the Notification section below.
Minor – if an issue has an easy to implement workaround and affects rarely used functionality or affects a small percentage of active users the issue may be classified as Minor. The issue will be assessed and planned as future work and will be scheduled in a future sprint based on other product development priorities. There may be multiple parts to the resolution, for example it may be necessary to adjust alerting thresholds to prevent unnecessary future alerts until the issue is resolved.

Service Level Agreement Timeframes
Level Time To Repair
Critical Within 24 hours from discovery
Serious Within the current Sprint release cycle (1 to 5 business days)
Minor Triaged within 2-3 Sprint release cycles (10-15 business days) based on current priorities

Disaster recovery and backup. Stere takes all necessary measure to protect and backup your data. It backs up data at various intervals in line with Software-as-a-Service industry practices, and continuously update its data backup and recovery practices. In case of data loss, Stere will provide support in accordance with the Severity Level Agreement Timeframes above, and use commercially reasonable efforts to recover the data.

Support Services Hours; Contact Information. Hours and contact information for the maintenance and support services are listed below.
Support Hours: 9:00 a.m. ET Monday – 5:00 p.m. ET Friday, excluding U.S. holidays and 24×7 access for reporting Severity Level 1 Incidents (as defined above)
Contact Information:


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