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Reinventing Insurance Distribution

The most innovative companies partner with Stere to power the next generation of insurance distribution models.

What We Offer

 A turnkey digital platform for insurers and distribution partners while creating growth opportunities

What we do

Stere API

We have developed a cutting-edge API platform that empowers insurance distribution partners and insurers. By adopting Stere API, insurers can seamlessly connect their own APIs, or leverage our API-as-a-Service feature to tap into new digital distribution channels. Distribution partners can integrate with Stere API – a unified API solution, to access a plethora of insurance products through a single integration point.

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Stere Distribution

We have successfully designed a comprehensive set of insurance distribution tools that prioritize the customer's needs while optimizing the digital and operational processes for you. Our solutions are highly adaptable to your unique distribution strategy and can be easily implemented using our insurer and broker portals or our pre-built workflows and iframe templates that are available to supercharge your business operations with ease and efficiency.

What we do

Data Analytics

We are confidently developing one of the most powerful data analytics tools to drive your business forward. With our thorough understanding of the insurance industry, we recognize the critical role of data enrichment and leveraging additional data capabilities to enhance results and enable algorithm-based underwriting. Furthermore, we are pioneering the next generation of insurance distribution models.

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We have designed our global digital infrastructure to seamlessly cater to local needs, ensuring that our customers receive the best possible experiences. Our highly experienced global team operates in more than 15 countries and continues to grow, providing unparalleled support to our carriers and distribution partners.


Some of Our Early Adopter Clients


Our Customers

Our mission is to empower insurers and distribution partners to build and grow insurance solutions with a turnkey infrastructure

Our Customers
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Whether you have your own APIs or are interested in leveraging our API-as-a-Service feature, Stere empowers you to confidently compete in this digital distribution era, while creating ample growth opportunities.

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Embedded Partners

From SaaS platforms to fintechs, any business that has a customer base can confidently enrich their value proposition for customers while simultaneously generating additional revenue.

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Brokers & Agents

We have created the simplest and most efficient method for connecting with a wide range of insurers. With the Stere API and Stere Distribution capabilities,

you can expect unparalleled ease and speed to help drive your growth forward.

Contact us
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To explore how our ecosystem will help you access digital tools and get growth opportunities for your business, get in touch and we'll be in touch.

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