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Fleetss Launches Embedded Insurance in Partnership with Stere

Stere powered the insurance capacity sourcing, digital customer experience journey and integration process for Fleetss to launch its insurance program for marine boat rental platform

SÃO PAULO, Brazil, June 29, 2022 - Stere, a leading Insurtech that enables any business to launch insurance programs by providing a unique capacity marketplace and by implementing digital capabilities using a rich library of APIs, has partnered with Fleetss,

Stere recently arrived in Brazil with its digital ecosystem that offers digital capabilities such as smart underwriting analytics, digital customer journeys, a rich library of APIs and a unique capacity marketplace that allows it to offer 100+ insurance products for embedded partners, amongst them the marine boat rental app Fleetss.

Stere uses its know-how of insurance innovation and technology in the integration of systems: Fleetss x Stere x Insurer. This way, Fleetss customers will have access to Personal Accident coverage with assistance add-ons, directly through the app and with an enriched customer experience.

Alessandro Antunes, Sales Director at Stere, commented “we develop a deep understanding of the end customers’ needs to develop the insurance product and business structure. We designed a bespoke digital journey and then implemented our Embedded framework".

Fleetss allows users to rent boats in a practical and safe way. The platform bridges the gap between boat owners and those who want to rent, and includes several security steps to guarantee the good faith of negotiations - the evaluation of lessors and lessees, validation and intermediation of the platform in payments process. Fleetss identified the need for insurance as the missing step to further improve the customer experience. “We have deep knowledge in insurance. Stere was created by experienced insurance professionals, who help the company to understand the process deeply and move much faster along the path to our vision”, concludes Antunes.

Stere recently started operating in Brazil, and has grown very quickly in both Brazil and Latin America. The partnership already includes policyholders, fintechs, brokers, associations and many more. The main operating pillar is the embedded insurance, which allows for a unique, fast and innovative experience within the sales flow of any business or organization.

About Stere

Stere is a digital insurance ecosystem that helps any type of business find insurance and reinsurance capacity through its unique “capacity marketplace” on a local or global level, as well as providing digital capabilities and transformation using a rich library of APIs.

To learn more about embedded opportunities and how your organization can benefit from using Stere, please visit or email

About Fleetss

Fleetss is a platform for renting boats in a collaborative way, uniting those who have a boat with those who want to use it recreationally and sporadically. Its vision is focused on collaborative consumption and the sharing economy, and presents the use of the boat as a service and the increase of online tourism as a goal.


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