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Stere Elevates Insurance Tech, Joining InsurTech NY’s 2023 Accelerator

Insurtech NY 2023 accelerator - Stere

In a significant stride for insurance technology, Stere has been officially announced as a member of the esteemed 2023 Growth-Stage Accelerator cohort by InsurTech NY. Stere's pioneering API as a Service platform stands out for its transformative potential in insurance distribution, promising a new era of efficiency and connectivity.

About Stere’s API Platform

Stere's sophisticated API platform has been meticulously engineered to empower both insurers and insurance distribution partners. The Stere API streamlines the integration process, offering a robust API-as-a-Service that enables insurers to swiftly tap into new digital distribution networks. Similarly, distribution partners gain access to a diverse portfolio of insurance products through a single, unified API integration.

"We are thrilled to welcome Stere into our 2023 accelerator program," said David Gritz, Managing Director at InsurTech NY. "Stere’s innovative approach is precisely what the industry needs to navigate the digital future. Their API as a Service product has the potential to redefine the boundaries of insurance technology, and we are excited to support their growth."

Stere’s Vision for the Future

With its selection for the InsurTech NY Accelerator, Stere is poised to further its vision of simplifying insurance distribution. The program’s resources will accelerate Stere's trajectory, providing a fertile ground for expansion, mentorship, and industry partnerships.

Joining Forces for Innovation

As Stere integrates into the accelerator’s ecosystem, it aims to leverage collaborative opportunities to enhance its API offerings and reinforce its commitment to driving the insurtech industry forward.

For more information about Stere and to explore the Stere API, visit

About Stere

Stere is an insurance operating system with two innovative products, Stere API and Stere Distribution, re-defining and re-inventing insurance distribution. Through its API-first platform and pre-built portals that connect insurers with digital distribution partners -no API needed with our API-as-a-Service feature; distribution partners gain deep and broad access to insurers with a simple, hassle-free connection. Stere is able to offer a wide range of insurance products in P&C, Specialty, and A&H space to any distribution partner on a global scale. Stere’s end-to-end digital infrastructure is readily scalable and positions insurers to reduce expense ratio while adding agility, speed, and growth opportunities for insurers and distribution partners.

To learn more, visit

About InsurTech NY

InsurTech NY is an international gateway to bring together the insurance innovation community. It brings together carriers, brokers, investors, and InsurTech startups via insurance conferences and networking events, a competition, an accelerator, and a startup lab. InsurTech NY's mission is to accelerate corporate innovation, drive talent to insurance, make regulation innovation-friendly, and improve access to investment. See more at


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