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Stere Powers AutoPylot to Introduce Groundbreaking Embedded Drone Insurance.

Stere & AutoPylot

New York, NY — February 28, 2024 — Stere, a leading innovator in insurance technology, has enabled AutoPylot, an FAA-approved B4UFLY and LAANC service provider, to launch a pioneering embedded drone insurance feature within its all-in-one flight planning platform. This tech-driven partnership, with insurance underwritten by Allianz Commercial, showcases Stere’s vision, providing a unique infrastructure that integrates comprehensive insurance directly into any workflow.

This collaboration represents a significant leap forward in drone safety and efficiency, marrying Stere’s cutting-edge tech with AutoPylot’s regulatory and flight planning capabilities. Through Stere‘s technology, drone operators now have streamlined access to essential insurance coverage, enhancing the sustainability and accessibility of drone operations across the industry.

“Stere’s mission is to revolutionize the way insurance is integrated into business operations, making it seamless and accessible,” said Dogan Kaleli, CEO at Stere. “Our technology enables AutoPylot to offer a unique, embedded insurance solution, highlighting our role as a tech vendor transforming insurance procurement and management for drone operators.”

The introduction of embedded insurance through AutoPylot’s platform simplifies the way drone operators access and manage insurance, covering a wide range of liabilities and providing comprehensive protection for drones and related equipment. This initiative not only enhances operational efficiency but also ensures that drone pilots are fully protected and compliant with industry regulations.

This partnership between Stere and AutoPylot, with insurance primarily underwritten by Allianz Commercial, underscores the potential of technology to redefine industry standards and improve the safety and efficiency of drone operations.

For additional information about Stere’s innovative technology solutions and its role in powering AutoPylot’s embedded drone insurance, please visit

About Stere:

Stere leads the way in revolutionizing insurance operations with its pioneering products, Stere API and Stere Distribution. The company’s API-centric approach and pre-built portals bridge the gap between insurers and digital distribution channels efficiently, offering a wide array of insurance products across various domains. Stere’s scalable digital infrastructure enables insurers to reduce expenses while enhancing agility, speed, and growth opportunities.

About AutoPylot:

AutoPylot is at the forefront of providing FAA-approved B4UFLY and LAANC services, committed to improving the safety and accessibility of drone operations through innovative solutions. The company’s all-in-one platform facilitates regulatory compliance and flight planning, empowering drone operators to navigate the skies with confidence and efficiency.

For further details on AutoPylot and the embedded drone insurance feature, visit


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